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Добре дошли

Място за уединение

Добре дошли в сайта на православен храм "Света Параскева с.Медковец. Църква със 150 годишна история и архитектурен паметник."

Православен храм "Света параскева"

Нашето послание

Църквата е най-скъпоценният дар, даден на човека от Бога. Тя е Тяло, организъм, в който струи животът Христов. Светото Писание ни казва: ,,Църквата е творение и духовно Тяло Христово, живият храм, в който можем да извършим срещата си с Христа. Пълнота на Тогова, Който изпълня всичко във всичко". В Църквата посредством литургията и тайнствата, ние получаваме Господните дарове.

Православен храм "Света Параскева"

Нашето послание

Всяко едно от тайнствата ни дарява с присъствието на живия Иисус Христос. Той присъства чрез действието на Светия Дух, Когото призоваваме в молитвите си. От нашето кръщение, до нашето възкресение посредством тайнствата ние преживяваме живота на Христа.

Welcome! We love God!

We aim to express our love of Jesus Christ by living the will of the Father.

Our church is a perfect place for all local residents to come in with their families and join for a prayer and a newfound peace of mind and soul. Farite is built on a core set of beliefs, in which we have unity and on which we base our fundamental decisions.

Praise & worship

Our Sunday Morning Service is filled with worshipful music. We offer a mixture of classic and contemporary songs that blessed us.


Counseling at Farite offers both biblical guidance and professional counseling. The services are offered by pastors or Master's level counseling interns.


During exhortation, the elders address the congregation on matters that are important to parishioners but are unrelated to the point of the sermon.

Join Our Church

A church that loves God and people

We believe that the Church is God’s instrumen

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Morning prayer

Prayer is important because it makes us more like Jesus and because it reveals to us the heart and mind of God.


Mass is the central act of worship in the life of a Catholic. Going to Mass is about spending time with God, but also receiving his graces.

Sunday services

Our church provides regular Sunday Mass services. Feel free to find out more about the exact dates and times on our site.


You can easily make one of the life’s most memorable moments fully unforgettable by hosting a wedding at Farite church.


A funeral service is often held at the church of the deceased with a public viewing before the church service.


The sacrament of Baptism not only gives us sanctifying grace: it also makes us adopted children of God and heirs of heaven.

Our pastors

Albert Flores

Lead pastor

Albert heads up the pastoral staff of our church. Formerly a geologist, Albert’s chief calling is to expound the Scriptures to instruct God’s people.

Jacob Jones


Jacob is a preacher of the Word of God who has labored for the Lord in various ministries. He has been humbly serving God for 20+ years.

Jay Robinson


Jay is a youth pastor at Farite church. He sees his goal in spreading the God’s word among youth and children, while also being dedicated to the church.

Cody Fisher


Cody shepherds the College/Young Adults and the Growth Groups. He likes to share life with people, to study Scripture and learn about our mighty God.

Experience God's unconditional grace and forgiveness.


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